NMS offers complete Pre-school, Elementary and High School Programs

Nicolites Montessori School (NMS) -Nasugbu

In line with K12 curriculum, NMS is now operating complete programs such as: Pre-school (including Toddler, Nursery, Junior Casa and Kindergarten), Elementary (from Grades 1-6), Junior High School (from Grades 7-10) and Senior High School (Grades 11-12). The SHS course offerings include: Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) track and Academic track such as: Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

 The application for the new applicants has started at early of November 2016.  The admission of students will depend on the available slots. It’s a first come, first serve basis, so come to school and make your reservations early. See you there!






Welcome to NMS!

The Nicolites Montessori School was founded by Sir Ronald and Jocelyn Orcuse in 2004. It started catering preschool programs then its operation has continued to grow vibrantly in a short span of time. It expanded its programs from Pre-school, Grade school to High School level. NMS passed the Certification conducted by PEAC last 2014 and became ESC provider.  In the year 2016,  the senior high school  was  opened catering TVL Track and Academic tracks such as: ABM, HUMSS, and STEM.

In NMS, your children are placed in a total learning environment; the equipment, the activities and the teachers all work together to support and encourage learning and growth: thus, helping the students achieve success in the future.

Indeed, we are very grateful to you, dear parents for entrusting your children to us. It is our mission to serve and to offer you the best education we have.

May God continue to bless us all as we undertake the privilege of educating His children.


Sincerely yours,


School President


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