Core Values

The Nicolites Montessori School believes on the power, strength and significant role – played by core values in any individual, group and organization in planning and carrying out its mission and vision. Relative to this, the school in order to accomplish its mission, materialize its vision and turn-on its objectives to reality has been inspired and guided by nine core values represented by the name NICOLITES.

 N – stands for Nobility of Character, the framework that is pillared by trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, and good image and example. It is in this image that NMS stands firm as it touches the lives of its learners.

Integrity is the governing mode of actions the NMS family as it conducts all matters, concerns, and issues programs, projects, and activities in the spirit of unity and solidarity. It applies the motto “None of us is as smart when alone as all of us are together.”

Christ – like attributes – The institution adheres to the basic gospel principles as its source of power, strength and spiritual life – reliance and endurance.

Optimism – embraced and affected by Christ – like attributes, NMS is always hopeful and confident about the future or the successful outcomes of its plans and undertakings.

Leadership – The NMS administration, faculty and staff accept and practice the dictum “There are no office hours for leaders.” Everybody works and acts as one regardless of position, age and authority. Leadership is done through leading not commanding with humility in the mind and heart.

Innovation, NMS is open for change brought about by technology updates, culture challenge and upliftment, educational and economic needs, as well as social demands and obligations. The group follows the saying, “Ideas won’t keep, and something must be done.”

Talent composed of teachers with multiple talents and aptitudes, all activities are true at Nicolites. Teachers and students are prepared and trained for all kinds of competitions in academic, sports and manual – skills as well.

Excellence – input and output quality is beyond ordinary standards. NMS aims and works for excellence. Motivated and inspired  by great love and concern for young people (learners) policies, guidelines, plans, programs, projects are all gearing to surpass set standards.

Service is given to the maximum, compensating and equating the spiritual, moral physical and financial trust received from the clients. Fair and just Return of Investment (ROI) is extended to all concerns.