Sponsor A Child Program

The testing and admission office of Nicolites Montessori School, being the first door to process student applicants is always into the request of parents and guardians for scholarships, especially to the side-lined and worthy students of Nasugbu and other towns. The school, however, has limited resources to grant every request. Due to this limitation, it is a concerted effort to look for benefactors to these indigent students who wish to continue their studies.

Nicolites Montessori School reaffirms its commitment to provide accessible education to these students. With this fixed principle intact, we are eager to introduce the SPONSOR a CHILD PROGRAM –a scholarship initiative which aims to create opportunities for young learners. We believe that this drive will pave new avenues for tapping well intended resources for the benefit of indigent and deserving students who, without this support, would have otherwise dropped-out or stopped schooling to find work.

We are in need of more good-hearted people to join our cause. We are inviting you to become a sponsor and make someone attain his or her dream to get basic education. We call upon you to make a difference. Let us be partners in creating a brighter future.



A student beneficiary must (be):

  1. A resident of the First District of Batangas, Philippines
  2. Must have no grades below 85% in three (3) major subjects (English, Math and Science) at the end of the fourth (4th) grading period


  • Duly accomplished Scholarship Application Form
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Guidance Counselor / Principal
  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Report Card (Form 138-A)



Sponsorship Guidelines

The terms and conditions that would bind our partnership

Sponsorship Options

Confirmation Sheet