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                     Nicolites Montessori School (formerly Nicolites Learning Center) was founded in   2004 by Mr. Ronald M. Orcuse and Mrs. Jocelyn L. Orcuse who are both educators by heart and profession. From a rented two-storey house in Brgy. 2 with 20 pre-school pupils they joined force and made a good start. Driven by the encouraging results and their sincere desire to serve the community they pulled out all the resources they had and in short span of time has grown and developed. In 2009, the school was transferred to Brgy. 4 and the same time changed its name from a Learning Center to Montessori School offering complete Pre-school, Elementary and Secondary Education.

                      Presently, the institution is enjoying in full blast as a recognized Private School with complete Basic Education with branches in the towns of Tuy and Calatagan. It is also one of the DepEd Private Schools which has been given a Government Recognition and permit to operate and offer Senior High School with two approved tracks such as Academic Track and Technical, Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) Track.           

                   Nicolites Montessori School is a learning institution that accepts, believes, and adapts the Montessorian philosophy “the hand is the chief teacher of the brain” and the students learn using all five senses through self-directed activities enjoying the fun and excitement as they explore their environment. The school’s objective is to help every child to learn and discover his/her potential as a human being. Learning becomes its own prize and each accomplishment is stimulated by the child’s desire to discover new things.

                   “Our care of the child should be governed not by the desire to make him learn things… but by the endeavor to always keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence,”  Maria Montessori.